Mega bait hunt instant win results

Instant Win PrizeTicket NumberWinner
10kg dna slk 15mm4Anthony Knight
10kg baitworks monster red 15mm11keith howell
mainline hi vis pop ups x 6104Adrian Bodily
10kg mainline essential cell pellet190Daniel Cooper
10kg dna the bug 15mm291Andy Hoare
cult dpm goo case & new goo’s x 3345Damian Briggs
sticky krill hookbaits x 4 & glug387Anthony Knight
nash zig screws x 5438Simon Fowler
10kg dna the bug 15mm826Dan tomas
10kg baitworks creamino 15mm931Gary Elvin
10kg sticky bloodworm pellets947Ashley Hicks
10kg cc moore live system 15mm1011wayne ablett
dynamite evolution liquids x 31024Simon Fowler
10kg baitworks royal marine 15mm1050Mark Webster
10kg sticky bloodworm boilies 16mm1097James Williams
10kg mainline essential cell pellet1228Ryan Speers
10kg nash scopex squid boilies 15mm1279Callum Bennet
4kg crafty catcher hemp & sweetcorn 15mm1300Kevin Alderton
10kg mainline essential cell pellet1409Gary Elvin
10kg baitworks royal marine 15mm1584Paul Cook
mainline smart liquids x 41591Wayne Derrick
10kg dna slk 15mm1607Stuart Cox
10kg nash scopex squid boilies 15mm1637Elliot Barton
10kg mainline hybrid pellet1738roger jarrold
crafty catcher liquid boosters x 31771Mike Mallet
10kg baitworks atlantic heat 15mm1787Anthony Knight
10kg cc moore pacific tuna 15mm2070stephen popeley
10kg dna s7 15mm2109Gary Stones
10kg dna the bug 15mm2202Stuart Cox
10kg mainline hybrid pellet2225Mark Nicholls
mainline ziggers & zig liquid2397Simon Fowler
10kg cc moore pacific tuna 15mm2440Dennis Roe
10kg mainline essential cell pellet2482Greg Tymms
10kg mainline essential cell pellet2631Greg Tymms
10kg dna the switch 15mm2651keith howell
10kg cc moore pacific tuna 15mm2864Dennis Roe
10kg dna s7 15mm2865Jake Harrold
10kg dna slk 15mm2973dave withnall
mainline cell/essential cell cork dust hookbaits x 42977NOT FOUND
10kg dna the bug 15mm2999Wayne Norman
10kg baitworks royal marine 15mm3010NOT FOUND
crafty catcher bait & bag booster x 63072Roger Jarrold
10kg sticky krill boilies 16mm3080Wayne Derrick
10kg baitworks creamino 15mm3326Adrian House
10kg sticky bloodworm boilies 16mm3474keith howell
10kg dna s7 15mm3503andrew muz
10kg baitworks atlantic heat 15mm3698Mike Mallet
10kg sticky bloodworm pellets3903NOT FOUND
dynamite frenzied boosted hookbaits x 44157Sean Davenport
thinking anglers zig bundle x 84226Zac Rowlett
crafty catcher liquid boosters x 34244Gary Stones
mainline quads hookbaits x 44251Rob Bodily
10kg dna s7 15mm4258Nathan Graves
10kg baitworks atlantic heat 15mm4288Gary Stones
10kg mainline hybrid pellet4301jason fern
sticky signature & signature squid hookbaits x 44400Anna nicolaou
10kg cc moore live system 15mm4427Shane Clerkin
10kg dna the switch 15mm4618Jack Forkes
10kg cc moore live system 15mm4620NOT FOUND
10kg dna s7 15mm4628kevin mcelroy
10kg sticky krill boilies 16mm4800Elliot Barton
cc moore northern specials pop ups x 44888Gary Elvin
10kg nash scopex squid boilies 15mm4900Dan tomas
10kg mainline hybrid pellet4904Lewis Scanlon
10kg baitworks monster red 15mm5061Sean Davenport
10kg nash scopex squid boilies 15mm5085Stuart Pavitt
10kg nash hot tuna 15mm5126Martin Bird
10kg dna the bug 15mm5180Stuart cox
10kg sticky krill pellets5281Jason Jenkinson
sticky hibright wafters x 35290Joshua Middle
sticky manilla hookbaits x 4 & glug5315Gary Elvin
mainline smart liquids x 65382Craig Williams
10kg sticky bloodworm pellets5485John Brooks
10kg sticky krill pellets5517Andrew musgrove
10kg sticky bloodworm pellets5519Andrew Caulton
10kg sticky krill 16mm5655Elliot Barton
cult dpm goo case & new goo’s x 35865Chris Greasley
10kg dna slk 15mm5968mf2 (Kaleigh Almond
korda immitatin corn x 86050Dennis Roe
10kg sticky bloodworm boilies 16mm6060Stuart Pavitt
10kg baitworks monster red 15mm6138Kieron Mcloughlin
10kg sticky bloodworm pellets6235peter barker
4kg crafty catcher squid & octopus 15mm6255Greg Tymms
10kg cc moore pacific tuna 15mm6289Gary Elvin
10kg nash hot tuna 15mm6453Daniel Cooper
10kg sticky bloodworm boilies 16mm6472Jon Mcmillan
4kg crafty catcher tigernut 15mm6659Mike Mallet
10kg sticky krill pellets6749Gary Elvin
10kg nash scopex squid boilies 15mm6764lewis wellington
10kg mainline hybrid pellet6837Robert Bodily
nash citruz cultured hookbaits x 47031andy hoare
esp big buoyant corn x 37055Simon Fowler
10kg sticky krill pellets7197Jake Harrold
10kg sticky krill 16mm7231Brendan Mullen
10kg sticky krill boilies 16mm7250Gary Elvin
10kg dna the switch 15mm7388Gary Elvin
10kg nash candy nut crush 15mm7493Mark Webster
10kg baitworks royal marine 15mm7500Greg Tymms
mainline stick mix liquids & syrups x 67682Greg Tymms
10kg baitworks monster red 15mm7698stephen lenaghan
10kg dna slk 15mm7719Mike Mallet
10kg baitworks creamino 15mm7750Wayne Derick
10kg baitworks creamino 15mm7830andy hoare
10kg sticky krill pellets8099Elliot Barton
10kg nash candy nut crush 15mm8109Gary Elvin
mainline pop ups x 38219Micky Barry
10kg dna the switch 15mm8243kieron harvey
10kg baitworks creamino 15mm8261Ryan Speers
10kg sticky bloodworm boilies 16mm8266Greg Tymms
10kg baitworks atlantic heat 15mm8422mike mallet
10kg cc moore live system 15mm8510Anthony Knight
10kg dna the switch 15mm8607NOT FOUND
mainline ziggers & zig liquid8633Shaun Wilson
10kg cc moore pacific tuna 15mm8653Simon Fowler
10kg baitworks atlantic heat 15mm8715Elliot Barton
mainline smart liquids x 58884Luke Reeve
10kg cc moore live system 15mm8945Gary Elvin
10kg baitworks royal marine 15mm9044Stewart Dunmore
10kg cc moore odyssey xxx 15mm9252Louis Tymms
10kg baitworks monster red 15mm9268Gary Elvin
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