Previous Winners

Pete won the Fox Aquos Camolite Coolbag 15L and 6x Coleman Gas

Simon won the 30kg DNA Baits Boilie Deal

Here is Michael with just a couple of his wins

Mark won the Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Pellet Bundle

Pete won a Trakker Tempest 200 2 Man Bivvy, also Korda Reuben Heaton Scales

Clive won the Fox Black Label Quick Release 3 Rod Pod

Sean won 3x Shimano TX-2 Cork Fishing Rods, 12ft 3.25lb

Simon won 10kg CC Moore Boilies, Hookbaits & Liquid Food

Ross won the Fox Camolite Brew Kit

Simon won 3 Free Spirit Helical 12ft Carp Rods, 3.25lb

Emma won the Avid Bivvy, also Sticky Krill Boilies

Michael was over the moon with his New Direction Bait Boat 2 win